Oxbridge Institute
Department of History
Professor Baxter Smalls, Time Traveling Documentarian
Visit to a pygmy wedding, 3rd of January, 1651 A.D.
Up close and personal with a Gladiator...Good Lord! 22 B.C.
Breaking bread, among other things, with Napolean Bonaparte, 1801 A.D.
Singalong with the Yanomano tribespeople, Autumn 1744 A.D.
My night with Sacagawea, Spring 1799 A.D.
A day with Leonardo D'Avinci, 1475 A.D.
    (or "Why the Mona Lisa is smiling...Lolli?")
Visit to a Moroccan bordello, 1912 A.D.
Stuck on a boat with Charles Darwin and a penguin, 1860 A.D.
Backstage with the Beatles, 1964 A.D.
Making my own penis gourd in Papua New Guinea, 1872 A.D.
Time Travel Log