Oxbridge Institute
Department of History
Professor Baxter Smalls, Time Traveling Documentarian
Lakehurst New Jersey - 6th of May, 1937 A.D.
Well, I was there for the migrating birds actually. I think a few of them escaped unscathed by what turned out to be a nasty bit of business in aviation that day.  I think the mix up was the difference between the English calendar day which reads 6/5/1937 or 6 May 1937 and the confusing 5/6/1937 of the American calendar day.   May 6th will forever be burned in my memory as a large piece of flaming duralumin alloy shrapnel lodged in my hind area as I ran from the incident.  Lolli was no help to that end.
Must try for May 5th next time so I can warn the birds.
The upper A Deck contained small passenger quarters in the middle flanked by large public rooms: a dining room to port as well as a lounge and writing room to starboard. Paintings on the walls of the dining room portrayed the Graf Zeppelin’s 'trips to South America. Again, in flames and gone down largely unseen but by a few dismayed German passengers…also on fire. Lolli captured some amazing color footage of this doomed airship.
To reduce drag, the passenger rooms were contained entirely within the hull, rather than in the gondola as on the Graf Zeppelin.  This exploded.  The interior furnishings of the Hindenburg were designed by Professor Fritz August Breuhaus, whose design experience included Pullman coaches, ocean liners, and warships of the German Navy, they also exploded, wish you’d seen them.