Oxbridge Institute
Department of History
Professor Baxter Smalls, Time Traveling Documentarian
Antietam Maryland, 3rd of October, 1862 A.D.
Spent the day in Maryland with Mr. Lincoln.  Took a quick jaunt to see the troops and what not.  Really poor dental hygiene I’ve found… curiously the men seem disinterested in making an impression on the woman folk at this point I suppose.  Ironically Lolli turned out to be a real looker and he met a fine woman of Korean descent at a laundry establishment on the way out of town.  Mr. Lincoln did invite us over to the Mrs’ house for some cornbread and chicken, quite a pleasant evening… save the ruckus of gun-fire in the background… Good Lord! I miss the stone age, what a peaceful time that was.  No explosions to muddy the evening toddies.